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4 upgrades of Huasu capped wpc material

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4 upgrades of Huasu capped wpc material
Issue Time:2017-03-29

4 upgrades of Huasu Capped wpc material

1.Solid color to Mix color

The #mixcolorsdecking look more beautiful and modern,the #deckingfloor will have a sense of hierarchy after #installation.



2.Single surface treatment to Multiple surface treatment

Deep embossed :3D effects is obvious,and it is more #slipproof.



Brushed:it looks cordial and gentle,i think it will be very comfortable to step on it with #barefeet.



3.Single Wrap layer to two warp layer

#Engineeringplastics wrap layer:more water proof and high strength,protect the #wood -plastic core in it.


Wood-plastic wrap layer: maintain the #woodenlooking,but add a protective layer.


4.Only Decking to Multi-type

Our traditional #co-extrusionproduct is decking ,both hollow and solid,

 but now we developed new types----#cappedwallcladding and #cappeddecktile.

To meet the various needs of customers.




We are still in continuous improvement of #cappedwpcproducts, and strive to create a better product to the customer.