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Let's go out!

Let's go out!
Issue Time:2017-03-02

#Weekend is coming,for mothers and dads,it is the time to planing where to enjoy their #familyday.

To play indoor or #outdoor,that is a question.

It is an undeniable fact that for children under 10 years old,indoor playground have more recreational facilities than outdoor playground,

but i am sure most of us will choice “go out”.

In out,there are blue sky,sunshine,wind,flowers,we can picnic on the grass,run on the ground,

and if the floor is #woodplastic ,it would be better.

Because #woodplasticcompositedecking is made of recyclable wood flour and plastic particles,it is ultra Eco-friendly, no harm to nature.



The #wpcdecking has a low water absorption because of the plastic particles ingredient, 

and with the #sanding or #grooved surface treatment,makes #decking non-slip.

You can rest assured that let your baby running on it.



If you are tired, you can lie directly on the #wpcdeckingfloor.

It will not be too cold nor too hot,and the most important,

It will not distribute the toxic smell,you ou can be close with it.



#WPCmaterial also can make variety leisure products,like park #bench.

WPC chairs and WPC decking are more matched.