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Variety application of WPC material

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Variety application of WPC material

Issue Time:2017-02-28

#Wood-plastic composite decking has already replace #wood becoming the main #outdoor using decking.

WPC material except widely used in the floor and #wallcladding,

now more and more used in #landscaping decorative projects.

Such as flower box,flower pot,#bench ,dustbin,screen,bus station and so on.

 Here share a bus station project that completely used #wpcmaterial.


This bus station is built in 2014,it still works well now.

There are no crack、no fading、no fungus on it,

these all benefit from wpc materials’ #waterproof,anti-UV,high strength etc good characteristic.



WPC material also can be designed to variety fashion style.

The #design of this bus station is Chinese style.A little #grille modeling. 



The bench and dustbin not only ornament the station

 but also for people to use when they waiting the bus,beautiful and practical.



Pictures of #wpc pplications



If you know other applications of wood plastic,could you share with us?

Good idea to info@hohecotech.com