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Company News
  • The 122nd Canton Fair is going on
    The 122nd Canton Fair is going on
    The 122nd Canton Fair is started in 15th Oct as scheduled.We met lots old and new friends.
  • The 122nd Canton Fair
    The 122nd Canton Fair
    Huasu WPC waiting for you at the 122nd Canton Fair. A variety of new products will be shown then.
  • Our salesman are keep on improving
    Our salesman are keep on improving
    With the continuous development of technologies, some new products continue to emerge.
  • New arrival
    New arrival
    Good news! HOHEcotech #co-extrusion #wpc #wallcladding is officially on-line produce.
  • Huasu Monthly Security Training
    On 9th June,We #Huasu #WPC carried out security propaganda work,to publicize safety and occupational health knowledge, and improve the safety awareness and protection of the majority of employees.
  • Stock today
    Stock today
    Huasu wpc latest stock
  • Huasu Daily
    Follow me go into our #wpcproducingfactory to have a look of our daily.
  • 121th Canton Fair
    121th Canton Fair
    In the coming 15th this week, the 121th #CantonFair will proceed as scheduled.
  • Huasu Routine Security Training
    Huasu Routine Security Training
    On 4th March ,we #Huasuwpc invited professional institutions to our company to give us a #security training.The training is including 3 “H”: how to prevent fire disaster, how to escape when a fire occurs,how to extinguishing with correct means.
  • Detail of Huasu---Shipment supervision
    Detail of Huasu---Shipment supervision
    We Huasu wpc strict control each part in the production process to ensure the products’ quality and accuracy,of course including the loading process.