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WPC fence installation

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WPC fence installation

Issue Time:2017-12-08

WPC fence installation

What can a #fence give to you ? I think not only a nice view,but also a privacy space.And using #WPC instead of cement for fence,make your garden more lively.

Maybe you will ask me:how to install a #wpcfence?Does it difficult? The answer is No.

Let me show you by some pictures.

1. Pre-drill holes on fence panel.


2. Put #fencepanels on a specially-made mold.


3. Set screws and drill into the boards one by one


4.When one side is done,turn to the other side and repeat the above steps.


Here we use a “caliper” to stander the distance between two boards.The “caliper” is also specially-made.


Then a stylish wpc fence is done.



Do you want it?Feel free to contact us by email info@hohecotech.com. If you have other good design #fence please send to us ,we will help you to complete it.