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Deck or not to Deck?

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Deck or not to Deck?
Issue Time:2017-06-06

Deck or not to Deck?

Having #decking can extend a living place outdoors, allow the outside to come in and the relative inexpensive costs can really be an investment in the quality of life as well as improving property values.

Having decking around a pond or lake or swimming pool creates another seating area which could be covered and where you could also have a barbeque or #outdoor fireplace for candlelit dinners. What could be more romantic than sitting by a pond with the gentle sound of running water and sipping a glass of wine on a summer’s evening?

Moreover, if your #garden or one that you are designing is on a slope or has an area that is difficult to access, then by using decking the once unusable area becomes functional and can be a less expensive way of grading.

To soften large areas of #decks, beds can be created perhaps with scented plants, pots placed to break up large areas or you could have climbers going up a trellis on one side, a vine covered #pergola and so on...

Today there are so many styles of materials you can use from real wood to the newer #composite types. 

Many people may argue that real wood is the only way to go but there are some advantages of the composite choice.

Reduction in wear and tear means easier maintenance and extended durability.

With our climate and due to real wood expanding and contracting, 

some may prefer the comfort and also the weather resistance means a longer life.

If you are looking for a uniform color when doing a design, then #compositematerial also has a benefit.

The huge choice of materials now on offer and the ever expanding way of creating new products for the market means there has never been a better time to add a #deck.