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How does wood plastic composite save your money

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How does wood plastic composite save your money

Issue Time:2017-04-19

How does wood plastic composite save your money


1.In the same area, the use of #woodplasticmaterials is far less than #timber

For example,for #outdoordecking,the thickness of timber needs achieve 45mm,

then its strength is enough for people to walk on it,

but the wood plastic only needs 25mm,and the strength is even higher than timber.

 In other words, 0.5 cubic meter wpc = 1 cubic meter timber wood.


2.The hollow shape of wpc saves the weight

Wood plastic can be #extruded to #hollow shape,but timber can not.

As we all know,hollow shape save the weight of decking boards,decrease the price.


3.The plastic wood surface is not required to be painted 

In general,timber is required to do the surface paint or water-based paint treatment,

that is to say,in the #installation, plastic wood is more convenient and cheaper.


4.Wood-plastic products can be maintenance-free 

Due to ambient temperature and humidity and solar ultraviolet radiation,

after timber wood using a year which generally need to do maintenance or brushing paint and so on.

But wood plastic composite is a waterproof,anti-UV,weatherproof building material.

So in the long run, the #maintenancecost of plastic wood is much lower than that of wood products.


5.The service life of wood plastic is longer than timber 

The #lifespan of wood plastic, generally can reach 3-4 times the ordinary wood,about 10-50 years.


6.The loss of wood plastic material is lower 

The length of #HOHEcotech #wpc can be #customized,it can be produced to the length that customer needs,

no need to cut when installation, avoid wasting.