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Stock today

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Stock today
Issue Time:2017-04-11

Stock today

If you want the more #economical one,here is a #hollowdecking recommend to you

Item:140H25-J  Size:140*25*2200 mm(width*thickness*length)  

Price:usd 2.2/meter  Color:coffee HS505   #Accessory:SY02


If you want more strong one, #soliddecking in #stock is ready for you

Item:140S25-B  Size:140*25*2000 mm(width*thickness*length)  

Price:usd 3.76/meter   Color:cedar HS101   Accessory:GT01-5


We also prepare a hot sale #exterior #decorationwallcladding in stock.

Item:138H15  Size:138*15*3000 mm(width*thickness*length)

Price:usd 1.54/meter  Color:copper brown HS102   Accessory:LP01

Waiting for your inquiry.