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New House Fence Project

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New House Fence Project

Issue Time:2017-03-15

New House Fence Project

With the improvement of environmental awareness and the endless pursuit of beauty,

more and more advocate the use of environmentally #friendly

but without losing beauty #material in the #homedecoration, 

so #wood-plastic #composite materials are increasingly used in home decoration.

Here share a new #homefence project to you.


This project is located in #Huangshan city.

This is a #trellisfence,there are a biggest advantage of this style fence :

the privacy level can be adjusted with the number of the #fencepanels. 

If you want a highly #privatefamilygarden,you can install a sufficient number of fence panel.

If you want a open garden,you can decrease the panel.




Items used in this fence:

#FencePost 120H120-A


Fence panel 70S10-A




The fence panel can be #embossed #woodgrain to increase the beauty.

If you have a new design,could you share with us?We are appreciated to receive your email.