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Ultra easy-installing railing

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Ultra easy-installing railing

Issue Time:2017-02-17

Ultra easy-installing railing


Recently,many customers inquire about #railing to decorate their garden,

let me recommend a ultra easy-installing but beautiful #wpcrailing to you. 

Seeing the following pictures of railing,i am sure you will like it.








This is our latest project that the railing used is what i want to introduce to you.

Material used



Accessory needed




Then install,show you in picture,easy to understand


Fix the connector to beam



Insert the connector into the post



To fix the beam to the post is do the same steps above




See? It is so easy, right? 

If you are interested in this railing,not hesitate to call us in +86 0559 3585265

 or send email to info@hohecotech.com