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Huasu carry out the sunstroke work in the hot season

Huasu carry out the sunstroke work in the hot season
Issue Time:2014-08-01
As the Great Heat coming,Huangshan comes into the hottest month of the whole year, in order to allow employees to have a comfortable and cool environment, the company adopted a series of summer cooling measures to ensure the safe operation.

Various production safety accidents and heat stroke event for the effective prevention and control caused by hot weather, good summer job labor protection and summer cooling, the company based on the characteristics of the summer and the actual situation of production safety, organized and carried out various forms of "sunstroke send cool "activities.

We placed the first aid kit and medicine cabinets in all sectors and workshops, medicine cabinet contains the wind spirits, Dan, Huoxiangzhengqi water, Dishui drugs; install windows in direct sunlight shade net, effectively reducing the indoor temperature.

A number of initiatives fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the majority of employees work effectively, Huasu try to create a harmonious working production environment to ensure safe summer employment.