How to install wood flooring in a rapid wall
Issue Time:2012-05-09

Wood flooring is usually provided with a nail or glue. However, if you have a cushioning material, such as Rapid Wall ? plate fasteners, plastic wood flooring board or is not ideal, is the third option. Seamless or "floating" floor design the installation is not connected to the subfloor. They just sit on it, the Parliament adopted the custom accessories connected to the other side. Rapid Wall ? base, smooth, smooth, clean, and then start.

1 pry open the ground around the perimeter with a hammer room decoration and Crowbar. Maintain its integrity, and you delete it.

2Laying plastic cushion, one side of the floor, and where you're going to start. Use the utility knife to cut the size of the pad. Do not attach importance to it on the floor, just lying.

31 laying on the floor in one end of the floor in the corner. wpc outdoor furniture will create a small space, the floor will allow expansion of the plastic spacers between the panels and walls.

4Four off the first end of the second board market, to catch them. Repeat, line up along the entire wall board. Cut at the end of the board to see the needs of the cusp, leaving ? inch of space between the board cut the bottom and sidewalls.

5Set next to a process to capture the long side panels. Stagger the length of the board, so both ends of the lining between the courses. The cut needs last.

6 Repeat the process of building, of course, on the floor. Laid a plastic cushion, you go and cut the end of the curriculum to the needs of Parliament.

7A ?-inch gap between the end of the saw to go against the wall of the cutting board on the seven last curriculum.

8 Composite decking railing set back to me in the place of decorative floor perimeter hammering pruning the space of fingernail. additional decorative wall, floor.