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Composite Decking Paint Maintenance

Composite Decking Paint Maintenance
Issue Time:2011-10-25
Remove all deck furniture from the deck. Covered with plastic sheeting around the bush or plant protection coatings. Depending on your location and design of the composite decking, you may also need to mask off the deck of the reach of your house to prevent the paint on your wall.
Spray with a hose to remove dirt and debris on the deck. Mixed dishes with soap and water bucket and clean the entire deck with push broom to remove any dirt or dust stuck. Surface must be completely clean and acceptable paint.Rinse away from the residual soap. Allows the deck surface to dry completely before continuing.
Prime Minister composite surface and outdoor primer. Primers soak into the surface of composite materials, and create a smoother, more acceptable to the surface of the paint itself. Thin coat of primer coat the entire composite decking, spread evenly with roller or spray paint. Allowing the first layer is completely dry and apply the second layer. Allow primer to dry completely before continuing.
Coat exterior paint in your choice of cover composite decking. Make sure you use approved exterior paint, paint over the interior of these products to withstand weathering and fading. Deck surface coating application at least two thin coats, you may need to use more product instructions or to achieve a darker color.